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 - posted 13.08.2016 20:05
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Newspeed has the latest version of the Nissan Navara Rally Raid V8 Dakar available in its most complete Dakar spec package, with the new front of Navara NP300. Built in 2012 and fully rebuilt in December 2015, it has also been permanently updated and is currently the best and most performant Nissan in the world.

For additional information please contact João Pedro Barros jpbarros@newspeed.pt (+351) 916291990 or Ricardo Leal Santos (+351)932 799 660 ricardo@newspeed.pt
Frame and body:
• full tubular chassis in chromo pipe with laser cut construction. Wheelbase: 2900mm
• Weight: 1937,5kg FIA minimum weight
• Roof, front bumper, cockpit panels, fenders, bonnet etc, in carbon/kevlar
Engine and transmission:
• Nissan VK50VE 5024cc V8 (Infiniti Q70 group N) with 4000 km of use ( replace for a new one in December 2015)
• Power Output: 331hp @ 4941 rpm and 490 Nm @ 4324 rpm (with 36 restrictor) 342hp @ 5153 rpm and 502 Nm @ 4324 rpm
(with 37 restrictor)
• Engine management system: Motec 800 with color center dash and power distribution modules and keypads, race log data
• Gearbox: 6 speed Sadev sequential with cut shift sensor
• Clutch: twin plate AP Racing 215mm cerametalic
• Centre differential: Sadev plate type LSD with diff lock, with 1000 km after full rebuilt
• Front and rear differential: Nissan LSD
• Front driveshafts: GKN
Suspension and brakes
• Front suspension: independent double A-arm, 250mm travel
• Rear suspension: solid axle with 300mm travel
• Front and rear dampers: two Reiger 550 dampers with ICS, RCV, CCV and double piston , big-size dampers with Intelligent compression system. (same as Mini)
• Brakes: Powerbrake billet caliper with 320mm x 32mm AP discs with endless pads, Pedal box: Tilton 9000 Series pedal box
Other equipment’s
• on-board hydraulic jack system with electromagnetic valve
• Air conditioning
• Steering rack : power assisted steering rack with 1.4 turns lock to lock
• Engine water: custom made aluminum radiator with improved air flow
• Oil independent Mocal coolers for: engine oil, front diff, gearbox, center diff, steering, fuel (2 units)
• Fuel tank: 480 Liter Premier FT3-1999 FIA specification
• Sabelt seats and belts, Stilo communication system, Lifeline fire extinguisher automatic and manual, 2xtripmaster Sabertrip3
• Wheels: 7x 16 x 7 Evo Corse, Tires: 7x Michelin Latitude C
• Kit inside the car of spare parts and tools, electric pistol and water drinking bottles and all equipment to start a FIA race
• Inflating air pressure bottle with fittings and inflating equipment’s, 4 sand plates
• Portuguese plate and registration

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From: Portugal
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